3 Ways to Update Nvidia Drivers

3 Ways to Update Nvidia Drivers

Right click on the driver and click on update/install. You may also want to right click on the device and do «Update Driver». Point it to the location of the new driver. You will need to make sure the driver has been extracted from the setup file first.

During the process, you are required to uninstall display driver first and then reinstall it. Nvidia and AMD have graphics driver software that can auto-detect your card and notify you of the latest updates. As far as these types of applications go, they’re unobtrusive, so we recommend installing them so you can easily upgrade your GPU drivers in the future. Below this and to the right is a button that enables Windows to install drivers.

Update or Reinstall Drivers on Windows PC

Review the list of software that will be removed. ClickNext to start the uninstallation process. You may now move over to the third and final section of this guide to uninstall drivers from Windows Recovery when your PC cannot boot to OS.

  • DriverStoreExplorer will now launch and scan your device for all installed drivers.
  • You can find this files in the installation folder of Lenovo Driver & Application Installation.
  • If somehow neither of these options fixes the issue, try rebooting.
  • In this screen, select “Adrenalin 2020 Edition” and click on the “Uninstall” button.

If you pick up the second choice in step 7, you will be shown the following screenshot. There, you can see all compatible graphics card drivers. 7.After the installation is successful you have successfully updated your graphics drivers in Windows 10. Most of the Graphics Card manufacturer includes some type of dedicated app for managing or updating drivers.

Solution 4. Increase GPU Processing Time

However, when they have become outdated they can start causing problems that are sure to irritate. Graphics drivers may include several updates or additions to other things you can tweak for your GPU. These might include 3D acceleration or mobile-phones-portable-devices drivers an entire library of options for different kinds of physics engines you might use in some of your games. Some drivers contain various updates or improvements that are meant to work with specific games that the card supports. As the library of games like this increases, so too does the chance of more updates to accommodate more titles.

You can then browse the list and view all the drivers issued by Microsoft for Windows. Each of these drivers is compatible with a specific version. We recommend you download the ones most relevant to your system and try updating your drivers. This should help your Goodix Fingerprint work as expected on Windows 11.

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